Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Hamleys Experience

There we were walking down Regent Street , London,
trying hard not to look like tourists.
when suddenly....

A girl in a princess dress on a pedestal smiles and waves at us,
trying to lure us inside a toy shop.

She did such a good job, I immediatly lost my 'cool'

a toyshop on Regent Street
surely we were expecting nothing but the very best!

Sadly the 5 stories shop felt more like a kiddie disco.
Running and shouting children, fairytale-themed songs in clubremixes
played at high volume, flashing lights, obnoxious buzzing toys everywhere.

The staff was also behaving quite peculiar and excentric, i guess to
get the visitors in an even more happy shopping mood.

I started to wonder what if an employee had a rough day?

'-Employee 8251-XD , this is your final warning, please act more lively'

Poor guy.

After a while I ran for the exit, but right there, again on a pedestal,
a CLOWN blew soap bubbles in our faces.
Was this some sort of evil device to have us eternally shopping inside?

she must be in this conspiracy aswell.

Good God, they must have hypnotised us in there.

I never wanted to buy these ugly toys!

DAMN YOU , Ha-a-a-a-a-amle-e-e-e-eys!!