Sunday, April 1, 2012

Herve Leger, not only for wealthy people

Hi! It's been a while since i've posted something, i'm really sorry for that... But I'm back!

I never really had a favourite fashiondesigner, because I never liked every collection by one particular designer. This changed when 2 years ago, I discovered Hervé Léger.

Yes you know him; the French guy who got famous for his bandage- and bodycon-clothing. To me, he's a real genius... He creates the best female-body-embracing fashion ever!

Shot from the summer-spring 2011 collection

His dresses are worn by many, many celebrities, like Rihanna, Beyonce and Doutzen Kroes, and many more. Of course, high fashion is rather expensive and someone like me (a student without a job who goes shopping at vintagestores)would never be able to afford one of those damn fine dresses...:(

Kim Kardashian in a Herve Leger-dressBUT! I think we all know the term replica? Yes of course we do; perfectly imitated designer clothes you can easily find on the internet! While a real Hervé Léger dress costs about €1200 , you can find very good replicas for €150! Makes me go happyhappyhappyhappy... Some examples:

Herve Leger replica Jacket, $250 Replica dress,$200 Asos seems to be inspired too! Bodycon Zip dress, €60