Sunday, April 1, 2012

list-o-mania (part one)

Making a wishlist, it's an annual ritual.
And it's almost every year as difficult, 'cause I have to make it for a lot of people and a lot of happenings ( Christmas 1, Christmas 2, my birthday and in some cases even New Year!).
And almost every year, I find the best things to put on my list too late, when the presents already lie  under the tree, all wrapped and shiny. I tried to avoid the problem this year by asking vouchers for my favourite shops.
Like: Cos (H&M's little sister), Copyright (an art-bookshop in Antwerp) and (cliché, cliché) the perfume store, 'cause i'm in need of a good pair of make-up brushes (like those of Iqqu).