Sunday, April 1, 2012

Versace For H&M, the second collection

In case you didn't know, Versace has designed another collection for H&M! Yay! This time I'm a fan too. It's (again) very colourful, very Versace, very summery! 
For women it is all about prints with strawberries, butterflies,... I love the print! It is so adorable and cute! This time I can't wait to get my hands on them, need to have something from it!

 Lovely print, don't you think? Again, I'm in love...

For men it is more simple, no bright prints for them (too bad). Only a part of the Versace logo is used for a print on t-shirts, shirts,... mainly shirts. Not a fan of that print... But hey, I'm not a guy! Still, their are a few pieces that I love.

You see what I mean?

If you want to see the whole collection click here.
So, what are your favourite pieces?