Sunday, April 1, 2012

2011 was not bad, 2012 has to be great!

Happy new year everyone! First, let's make a list about great things of 2011.

- Best movie(s): 'La piel que habito' from Pedro Almodovar, how sick can a person be, that's all I'm saying...
And of course the last Harry Potter movie. I just have to name it. I grew up with the HP-movies and I'm still a little bit sad that it has ended. Also, it isn't a bad movie at all!

 - Best Album: Pala by Friendly Fires. An album full of amazing, bubbly songs. Also, if you see the singer dancing in their clips, you even love them more. Would love to see them live in 2012 sometime!
Such a colourful cover, love it!

- best concert(s): I can't choose... I have seen too many good artists this year, but I have chosen three to make the list not too long (ok, it wouldn't have been that long, but still).
- Cee Lo Green at TRIX - Antwerp. I absolutely love his voice. I didn't even care that some musicians weren't playing live, his voice is just amazing!
- Janelle Monae at Couleur Café - Brussels. Also a superb voice, my sisters and I were so happy she came to couleur café (a festival), we just wanted to see her.
- Robyn at Rock Werchter (also a festival). I wasn't a big fan of her but we decided to go see her because there wasn't anything else we liked at the moment. I'm so glad we did, she was amazing! What an energy that woman has and also what a voice! We weren't the only ones who were happy, she loved us (the audience) too! 

- Best song(s): - Otis by Kanye West & Jay-Z.
               - Live Those Days Tonight - Friendly Fires 
               - Somebody I Used To Know - Gotye Feat. Kimbra

- Best classic song: All Of The Lights Interlude - Kanye West
                     If anybody has the score for this on cello,     please let me know!

- Best new artists: - Gotye, a Belgian Australian or an Australian Belgian, whatever, all that matters is that he has a great voice and that he makes good songs!
- Lana Del Rey, I don't care about her lips, I care about her music, and her music is great.

- Best (cook)book: Gizzi's kitchen magic - Gizzi Erskine.
                   This lovely lady doesn't only cook well, she looks amazing too! I absolutely like everything in the book ( except for a soup with beetroot).

- Best vacation(s): The best one was definitely Paris, no parents, no school teachers, only friends.
Copenhagen and Brighton also have a place in my heart (oh so sentimental) and are two cities I want to go back to without parents or teachers.

I could make some more best ... but I think I would sound boring so I'll stop and hope that this  new year, 2012, will be the best year of my life so far! Let's make that happen!