Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pictures january 2012

I LOVE nailpolish and experimenting with new colours and now with patterns. For christmas I got this black nail art pen from my sisters.

Since then I'm practising some patterns like dots and stripes with it. And this time I ended up with some weird stripes, almost like a cat or other animal schratched my nails.

The nailpolish I used is from Urban Outfitters and is a taupe colour, love that colour.

And now, some experimental pictures:

Love this picture of one my cats. They love to drink water from the tap.

Bought these earrings at Urban Outfitters for only €6!

The sunglasses are from River Island and for only €3!

And the boots were only €9 at New Look. (Need them for something for school, some dress-ups and not for carnaval but something like it.) Oh I love the sales...

Some random pictures:

Some inspiration for our dress-ups.

I think this weekend there will be time for the first outfitpost! (Let's hope...)