Sunday, April 1, 2012

Collar craze

Collars, you can see them everywhere these days. And they are one of my favourite trends for the past season and I hope for a long time. Peterpan collars, collars with studs, collar necklaces, with beads on, dresses with collars, I love them all! 

Here, some of my favourite fashion bloggers wearing collars:

                                                            The Mad Twins

                                                                The Lithium Girl


                                                             Lost In The Haze

                           Romwe, $16,99

                            Topshop, £50

H&M, €39,95

                          River Island, £40

Do you feel the inspiration? I definately do. This lovely lady inspired me even more with her video:

Next weekend it will be collar-making-weekend! What do you think about collars? Do you like them?