Sunday, April 1, 2012

Craving For Spring(clothing)

A few days ago the winter began in belgium, at last. Too late actually. Just when I didn't expect it anymore. Now it's literally freezin' out here! Finally I was ready for spring (and summer!)
Now I still have to cope with the fact it will be probably snowing and freeze for a couple of months... But a girl can dream, right?

Spring/summerclothing, here comes my new and crave-worthy clothinglist!

                  Cropped denim jacket, €23,75, Forever21

I want a cropped denim jacket for a quite long time now, this one from Forever21 is just perfect for lovely summermornings.<$2Fdiv>

                 Self Stripe Tee Dress, £29, Topshop

Yes I know, again a pastel coloured dress, but it's just so beautiful. Couldn't leave it out this list. And wouldn't it look great with the denim jacket above?

             Taupe catmaster sunglasses, £16, Topshop

          Oh dear, why don't we have Topshop in Belgium?
  White colour block lace up espadrilles, £15, River Island

Why do I love them? Because they are super cute! I mean, they look a little bit like brogues but they are espadrilles, how clever!

   New Romantics Olympic Corset Flame Dress, €128, Free People

This sweet dress with its little cut-outs is perfect for warm summer days. A little bit at the expensive side for a simple student like me but maybe after saving up a little it could be mine... Or I could dream about it...

      Naturally pretty bracelet, $ 19,99, Modcloth

The gold metal bracelet is just so cute. With the little flowers it screams out spring!

          Nails in louder and Bees Knees, each £5, Topshop

              In love with these two bright colours! 

And to end this post, here's a lovely song from Flight Facilities:

xx A girl craving for Spring