Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Food Exchange

Yesterday, when I came home after a bikeride from a whole hour, I recieved a beautiful package from Taiwan. It was a package stuffed with yummy Taiwanese food products waiting to be tasted by me (,mx sisters and mom). I recieved the package because I took part of a food exchange with the lovely Valérie from the blog Lust For Gourmandise
You want to see what I got? Let's get started!

                  What a beautiful box and stamps!

      Yummy, salty ricecrackers, with seaweed wrapped around it.

Cookies, with a bit of a salty taste and a special sweet and very sticky filling.

This is something I can't really figure out what it is, but I think it are crisps or chips... At least I know that it is made of potatoes. I haven't tried it yet.

The fourth product is something I love as well. First I thought it was a package of noodles but then I realised it were yummy crisps. Also the package was funny, I don't know if you can read it on the first picture because, it says:' everyone says good good eat'. I wonder if the use of bad English is on purpose or just... (Ok, now I hope my English isn't bad before I start to judge...) Anyway, I found it good good eat.

Next is this little pack of popping candy with cola flavour. It reminds me of something I bought when I was just a little girl. Only those packages were not so cool and cute as this one. On the packages I remember where creepy faces and strange feet on.

Mmmmmmm, noodles with beef flavour. Can't wait to try those!

             (Without flash the photo's are yellow! Yay!)  
And last but definately not least are the caramels. So different from the ones I know. These ones have a little flower/fruity taste. I really like them! And that for a girl who doesn't like caramels that much!

The last thing in the box was a beautiful card of Tai Pei, the capital of Taiwan. Makes me think of getting a job (quickly) so I could visit this modern city. Recently I got very interrested in big Asian cities like Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing,... It's just something very different then I'm used too. You just can't compare these kind of cities with Europe.

Talking about boxes...

                                   ... my cat likes them too!

                       She likes my jeans too!

And the other one likes my shoes and socks, special kitties.

Tommorow I'm off to Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, with school! Yay!