Sunday, April 1, 2012

Retro Winter Wonderland


During christmas it's great (wrapped in a blanket, in front of the tv with some hot milk!) but when the holidays are over... It just takes too long and you get stuck in a 'winter blues'. It's still here, makes me crave for bikinis and swimming and playing batmington and skeelering and bbq-ing... OH WELL.

There's a remedy; just simply make the best out of it. With some great winter clothes to die for. But not just warm and practical winter clothes you can get anywhere that will make you look like hamster. NO.

We're talking about elegant and feminine winter coats, just like in the 60s !

A good exemple of what i'm talking about is Brigitte Bardot. Look how lovely she looks, even though she's totally wrapped in a lot of layers of clothes. Even though she's wearing fur while she was an 'animal rights activist' (cough.cough.).
I did some research on Etsy, and i found a lot of beautiful winter coats with that 60s allure i'm talking about. That will definitely get you out of that winter blues. Not to forget some warm leather elegants boots!