Sunday, April 1, 2012

Vintage bargains

The last few days I bought some cheap stuff, really cheap. And not even in the sales. First, I went to a clothing swapping event/thing organised by my older sister's best friend. Tried to sell some old stuff of mine too. With no succes since they look a little bit too girly and... let's just say, not fashionable. But it was worth a try. So what I did want to say is I bought some lovely wedges (from my sister's best friend who has super duper clothes and shoes), cute earrings and a ring (from a friend from my sister's best friend, now it's getting a bit complicated, dnesn't it) and at last a simple white shirt, a bit cropped (from a friend from my sister's best friend and my sister).

Wanna see?

They are quite high, about 10cm but not that hard to walk with. They cost me €20 and that for shoes who are made with real leather, hardly worn, maybe a couple times. Yes I'm very happy with these shoes!

                           The earrings

                              The ring

$3Cspan style="font-family: "Courier New",Courier,monospace;">A simple shirt was just what I needed. I pimped it with some star studs on the collar.

Shoes that my twinsister bought that day (also from my sister's best friend.) Jealous!

Next is a blazer that I thrifted in a local thriftstore.

I love it so much! It is cropped and so it will be beautiful paired with a high-waisted jeans or trousers or a high-waisted skirt. Also the colour is fantastic, it is actually a very light mint colour. Not that you can see it very clearly on this picture.
I hope to do some outfitposts soon, so stay tuned to see a little glimps of my styling efforts!

Also, a few days ago I ordered a new dress!

It is from Motel (Rocks), you like or not?