Sunday, April 1, 2012

GIF me more

You may have read in a previous post that I have a new camera. Ok, it's mine for almost three months now. That's still quite new, isn't it? Well, I discovered something very interesting called, the sportsmodus. When you click, the camera makes several pictures in a few seconds. Love it, you just have to click one time and you get 20 pictures are so. Truly amazing.
(Also, so sorry for the 2 weeks of absence! School is driving me crazy these days! I'm so sick of architecture! Can't wait for university, next year... If I don't have to double my year of course...)
I hope you like what you see!

    Isn't my cat (named Milo) the most beautiful cat in the world?

Me dancing! hihi ( I know, the quality is poor...)

I wanted to make more but it took ages to load. So for now, only these two!

And what do we think about my dress from motel?