Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pictures March

Just wanted to show some pictures.

                         I love to read...

bag - gift, gold bracelet - H&M, ring - forever21, flower bracelet - gift

I love the bag I got. It is so cute and great for summer. Also the (fake?) leather, partly snake is something I didn't had before. I bought the ring a month ago and I still didn't wear it, not even once because it is something for spring or summer. Maybe I'll wear it this week for the first time. It is getting warmer and warmer with the week...

 Top - gift, bracelet - urban outfitters, necklace with strawberry - gift, necklace with flower - Topshop

I was very suprised to get this bright blue top from urban outfitters as a gift. Never really got clothes as a present before, I like it actually... The necklace with the cute little strawberry is also a gift I got for my 18th birthday last friday. I love it so much. I'm definately going to wear it a lot this summer! And maybe you saw it already but the tin boxes in the background are fruit flavoured tea's that my sister and me got for our birthday, banana and kiwi. Already tried them and they tast great. I'm pretty sure where they come from but that doesn't matter of course!

Dress - urban outfitters, nailpolish - gift, earrings - forever21 (as you can ree)

The dress is not new or anything, it is just one of my favourite dresses. I bought it last year with a great discount because it was quite expensive before. I wanted the dress so bad and after a very long month it suddenly was affordable. Yay! And what do you think of the yellow nailpolish? Great for this summer! (I know, I'm talking a lot about summer, I just can't wait!) Even more tea in this picture! This time it is blackcurrant and apple. These two are going to be tasted in the next few days...

             Shoes, shoes, shoes, I want/need more of them!

Our cathedral, 123m high, still the most beautiful cathedral i've seen so far.

That was all.

It's time to remove the snow from the blog. Liesbeth. Help!